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Public Information Release:

This page is maintained by the Wellsville Fire Department Public Information Officer for the prompt release of accurate information about the organization.


April 14th 2020:

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Press Release,


The Wellsville Fire Department would like to thank two special people in the community, who reached out to help us during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Earlier in the week, Captain Brandon Harris reached out to see if someone would be willing to help make face masks for the department. Within a day, the fire department had reached the goal we were looking for. We would like to thank Kim Clark, and Stan Smith for their generous donations to the department.




Wellsville Fire Department Members, and Chiefs



July 16th 2019:

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Wellsville Fire Department Press Release July 16, 2019
The Wellsville Fire Department new website is:

Wellsville Fire Department has established a website in order to inform and openly communicate with our community. Please be patient with us as we develop this website. The site currently has a brief history and overview of our department. We will be adding a Public Information section to provide accurate information.

The Wellsville Fire Department is a village fire department consisting of the four incorporated village fire companies consisting of: Grant Duke Hose Company, No 1, Inc. – Dyke Street Engine Company, No.2, Inc. – Emerald Hook and Ladder Company, No. 3, Inc. & Wellsville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
The Fire Department is the “umbrella” organization for the multiple Village Fire Companies.
The following information is provided by the Office of the New York State Comptroller Brochure titled: “Fire Protection in New York State: How Is It Provided in Your Community” in order to help explain how our department is organized and administered. (Link to complete brochure provided below.)

Village Fire Departments

Like cities, villages usually have municipal fire departments, although they are more likely to be volunteer departments.3 A village fire department comprises the members (firefighting personnel) of the village’s fire company or companies (see “What Are Fire Companies?” on page 8). As a rule, village fire departments are administered according to Article 10 of the Village Law. They are governed by a board of fire commissioners, or by the village board of trustees together with a “council of the fire department.”

Since a municipality or fire district may have more than one fire company within its boundaries, it is important that there be one entity that can establish uniform firefighting procedures. To this end, fire companies within municipal fire departments or fire districts operate under the control of municipal or fire district authorities.27 The control exercised by these authorities mainly relates to fire companies’ external affairs, such as establishing rules and regulations about the duties of firefighting personnel.

They determine, for example, who is in charge of fire scenes and supervise the use of fire apparatus for firefighting and training purposes.28 Other areas in which municipal and fire district authorities exercise at least some control over fire companies and/or their members include fundraising, membership, disciplinary matters, answering “calls for assistance,” and participation in training outside of areas regularly served by a fire company.2


Wellsville Fire Department, fire service trade associations, state and local governments have been active in helping to ease the burden placed on our firefighters and departments.
Wellsville Fire Department (WFD) has five nationally & state certified Fire Service Instructors to supplement training requirements.

Wellsville Fire Department has adopted the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs (NYSAFC) Best Practices “Model Program” in order to provide more flexibility in meeting mandated training requirements. Training options now include: on-line computer based, department in-house, NYSOFPC Outreach (in-county), OFPC residential course at the State Academy in Montour Falls, State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskny, NY, and regional trainings from trade associations.

Wellsville Fire Department has diligently worked with our partners including: NYSAFC, OFPC, Target Training Solutions, NYSDOL PESH, and FASNY to provide a flexible training program in order that we provide our firefighters with the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s) to provide our community with the highest level of service and provide for the safety of our firefighters.

Currently in order to serve at the fire scene, new firefighters must initially complete “Basic Exterior Firefighter Operations” (BEFO) which consist of 79 hours spread out over 25 sessions. They can complete the sessions in the standard two month timeframe or they have up to two years to complete all of the lesson sessions. Once “Basic Training” is completed, depending on the firefighter classification, annual refresher training (proficiencies) can be as little as four to six hours.

It is the firefighter’s choice as to what level (class) they want to advance to such as: Cold Zone, Warm Zone, Interior (hot) Zone, Apparatus Operator, Training Officer, Safety Officer, Technician, and Etc.

Wellsville Fire Department also has an Administrative Level (class) for those members that would like to contribute to the community away from the actual fire scene. This class requires minimum training for nonfirematic administrative duties.

Three of the village fire companies have or are currently cross-training drivers from other companies and have done so for a couple of years now. There are currently nine firefighters cross-trained to operate other companies’ apparatus (Trucks/Engines) with additional firefighters being trained.

LINK TO NYS Comptroller site: &rorder=500&rprox=500&rdfreq=500&rwfreq=500&rlead=500&rdepth=0&sufs=0&order=r&mtq=&tq= &query=+fire+protection link to Office of the New York State COMPTROLLER: Fire Protection in NYS brochure:
The Wellsville Fire Department new website is:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at: Attention: Public Information Officer (PIO).

Firematically, Wellsville Fire Department Public Information Officer July 16, 2019


June 7th 2019:

Page created for the release of correct information to the public.